How I Successfuly Organized My Very Own Album Proofing Software

Album Proofing Softwarejust to UM to add a little something so you open it up and I did little bit of a different variation so but you’ll see if you’re gonna check out the other video I just hung a little snowman here charm and then I made like one of those coin envelope closures and I could put a photo here.

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so but you’ll see if you’re gonna check out the other video I just hung a little snowman here charm and then I made like one of those coin envelope closures and I could put a photo here.

Write some stuff here and then that closes up like that and then I made a pocket down here and I just put some tags I left them plain in the back but these are caught a parts from the paper collection Album Proofing Software.

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I think they’re so cute sand then I fussy cut out this owl here and I put them right there then here Just made an envelope pocket just so foursome more tags and I just cut them.

Wanted them to look on almost like little Polaroid so that will hold photo sand that goes right in there and so you open it up this way and then you have your waterfall here for more photos see.

I let that blank for photojournalist and then I this is another cut apart and I just put at the bottom and then on this side this is part of the paper collection is so cute.

it says what I want for Christmas and then it has like a little list and I put little bling there on top of Santa’s hatband on top of the tree and then I just place a photo mat here for some photo sand.

Then it opens again this way album proofing software and this here I just added some foldout sand.

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I put a magnet on it says Merry Christmas and I put a little pool ta band it holds photos there and there and the same thing for the bottom one and then on this side I made a booklet and Just put two holes I took

I think it was two pieces of card stock and I put them together and I made punched out two holes and I ran twine and I not just rang it and you can see it there and then

I glued the back part to the back of the folder and so that’s all it visit’s just twine so that looks like that and then inside Put I made more spots for photos and another Album Proofing Software.

mat there and then I made little pocket on this side and frost the little owl and a little gingerbread house or no little birdhouse Legendre place and then I made another photo mat here and left the blank here because you can write on it with white gel pens and then the last one it holds another photo another photo and then Just put a belly band here and all different types of tags for I could even put photos on this one in the back save I want to like small photos and this came together so quickly I would I would I think it came together like in two and half hours or three really really easy to make and then the back hold on let me close this up and then the back just tieback just looks like that and I just fussy cut this out from the photo from the paper pack in little clock so let me give you an overall let me give you an overall look up.

The inside and if you guys are interested like I said checkout the tutorial below it’s really easy so it goes from there and you have all the places for photos and then here they’ll fold out and then here the booklets you know and then it closes like this and then again like this and then again like this and it just ties upland I did an embellish a lot I just mainly just use the paper collection itself for a little you know cut apart sand little fuzzy cutting or whatever but it was really really fun I really enjoyed making this one and it came together very fast so you can make this one like for babies you know somebody who’s going to have a baby or a baby shower cuss it comes together so quickly and it doesn’t use a lot of paper either alright Album Proofing Software.

so that is all I hope that you guys had a wonderful Christmas and Hopefully will be coming back in the new year with more videos and stuff like that so yeah welcome to my all my new subscribers and I hope that you find my channel helpful and for those of you who have stuck with me thank you so much and I hope that this new year brings you allots of blessings and lots of happiness alright guys happy new year I’ll talk to Album Proofing Software.