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These moves on my head well you know it is B baby I got all these I just learned all these new moves at my Dorothee CW power plant just taught me allot this who’s it gonna be if we have topic between Randy Orton or Chris Jericho I pretty I’m pretty sure I know who I’m gonna pick I mean honestly I think I think everybody would probably pick who I’m going to pick Art And Business hey James another edge and Triple H have been running their mouths but they’re not exactly the most trustworthy guys on the roster.

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know what I mean yeah Art And Business from everything we’ve been hearing from the boys in the back no one’s buying with his ass clowns are selling seems like edge and Triple H are the only ones who think you’ve got anything to do with the missing title I mean let’s face it compared to some of the stuff these guys have pulled in the past doing the title is nothing thanks guys Appreciate it in the meantime I’ve got to get ready for my match tonight against Ric Flair actually that’s the other thing we wanted to talk to you about we all know that there’s nothing Triple H won’t do to try to destroy his opponents physically or psychologically.

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The missing title has Art And Business got to be the psychological part and you can bet that Triple H will be accompanying flair to ringside to take care of the physical part so why not make it a tag-team match against both of them I love a chance fora little evolution reunion on our terms I’m not forgetting a piece of Triple Hand Flair – don’t forget I kept Flair from smacking you with the chair the week before Wrestle Mania so who’s it going to be Randy we both know Triple Hand Ric Flair’s and payback from our evolution days you’re on Chris.

I haven’t forgotten how hard you have my back how you had my back in our last match against those guys listed the ring Chris we’re going with the ass clown sorry Randy we got to put you in the back.

Burner brother Chris Jericho’s the mange took that he took the chair and beat Ric Flair over the head with it it’s just what it is I mean that’s just the truth this situation is it so easy to tag-team not sure what’s happening who.