15 Fantastic Vacation Ideas For Nursing Home.

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I want to do some case studies with you and show you the success we’re seeing with clients already how we got one of jean students .who’s just opening up they’re residential assisted living home on.

Nursing Home.

The first page of Google and only a little over six-plus months and I are really excited about that and how that’s going to pay off in terms of low-cost leads in.the long run shows you how we’re getting their traffic.

It’s just kind of going up month over month so let’s jump right in you know if you went through jeans class he talks about okay you get the home there’s there are lots of things to think about but what we’re talking about her is how do we actually get our residents to fill.

Ten Features Of Nursing Home That Make Everyone Love It.

The home so if you’re not buying an existing business you got to think about how am I going to fill these beds the nursing home sooner the sooner the better from an offline marketing standpoint you’re talking about open houses and maybe you’re inviting in people who work at hospitals or-or rehab centers or even placing agents.

You’re inviting them in to see you the house you’re putting up signs in the front yard maybe you’re making nursing home  flyers and business cards and posting them around town you’re working on your referral strategy some of that might have some crossover to online marketing but most of that is kind of offline so.

I’m not going to spend too much Nursing Home time that’s probably going to be you or if you’re hiring management or an administrator if you’re out of town away from your home they might be handling that what I want to talk about and focus in on is your online marketing tools so.