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My hair won’t  grow out anymore and i know that’s not true because your hair is constantly growing it’s just a matter of taking care of the ends and a is a way to do that and the ingredients in here are amazing and they’re simple and it’s really easy to do so.

best time to take vitamins

I  encourage you guys to really try this tutorial at home and tell me what you guys think in the comments below I  best time to take vitamins really appreciate you guys watching and here we go thanks for watching.

we’re  going to add three tablespoons of butter Shea butter has vitamins an and in it  this will help nourish and hydrate your  hair and scalp and this is going to be the base of our deep conditioning  treatment  next we’re going to add our avocado oil  avocado oil has vitamins A B D and E and.

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It helps to repair damaged hair and it has lots of natural nutrients in it next we’re going to apply our sweet almond oil and this will help provide lots of shine and it will strengthen best time to take vitamins your hair keeping it strong and it smooths out.

your hair and reduces frizz next we’re  going to add our macadamia oil this hill’s split ends leaves hair silky shiny and healthy.

I love this stuff and it gives you her a really beautiful appearance next we’re going to whisk it all together and the best time to take vitamins just mix it really good with my little mixer and until.

it’s  really whipped and fluffy and you want to do this for a couple minutes so it’s really light texture and really fluffy really cute pretty pretty pretty like that then we’re going to.