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Of course we know hypothyroidism is it just been found to be the number one cause of that is autoimmune and it’s from the vaccinations in the dog and.

Hypothyroidism has also been linked now to the underlying problem with most of the obesity cases in thunders case in she was given even more steroids long-acting and stronger antibiotics to the point when she got cipro if you don’t know what cipro is that is an antibiotic.

Completely corrupt matrix of the system it is scary it is like it’s like meeting about biological warfare being done inside your body so it’s sort of amazing that that’s that that was actually heart out for the stores for smallpox.

She was given in a box witcher suppressive and palliative and she had an increasing picture of autoimmune disease developing and then in November she was given even more long-acting an espresso steroids and both by injection and oral administration system at Emeril.

Which is a shotgun type medicine of the nation more palliation worth oppression and by December she was given a topeka which is a chemotherapeutic agent which is destructively immunosuppressive and war ciprofloxacin and even more long-acting steroids in the face of that she had developed.

Piyo granulomatous inflammation which is infection and the patient gets shot up with a whole slew of possible vaccines in including the mumbo jumbo it’s amazing to me that these animals are able to survive us she is noted to be sick with fever chronic dermatitis crust scabs and gets another long lasting.

Immunosuppressive steroid injection at the same time this was done despite the thyroid level being low which we know will get to be what we call six thyroid system and it wasn’t even addressed all of these were done in violation of the FDA and it was done to a sick animal without any informed consent or full disclosure for the client has had to have three different jobs.